New Love of Engin Altan

engin altan duzyatan neslisah alkoclarEngin Altan Duzyatan is dating his long time friend, Neslisah Alkoclar.The 34-year-old actor, Engin Altan Duzyatan, is dating someone new! After Altan broke-up with Ozge Ozpirincci, people didn't expect that the actor will find a new lover that easily. When the news spread that the actor is dating someone, many got surprised. You heard it right! Engin Altan is no longer single; he's taken once again, and the lucky girl is Neslisah Alkoclar.

Duzyatan and Alkoclar have been friends for quite some time now, and their friendship developed into love. This situation is not new to anyone of us. We sometimes fall to our best friend or to our close friend. I guess Duzyatan is just like us.
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