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Producers want hot young star Hazal Kaya to star in their series, but she's turning them all down. The reason? Her boyfriend, Ali Atay.ali atay hazal kaya
For those people who are still wondering whether Hazal Kaya and Cagatay Ulusoy were an item then, this article is for you.cagatay ulusoy hazal kaya
It is said that the actress is not feeling well at the moment, but when she was seen by some paparazzi in Nisantasi, she's looking so well.hazal kaya
There are rumors spreading around that the actress and her beau are no longer together, they haven't seen together nowadays so, maybe it's true.ali atay hazal kaya
Hazal Kaya changed her looks and style.hazal kaya
Actress Hazal Kaya does not have any reason to be concerned whenever she is compared to her co-star, Asli Tandogan.hazal kaya
Hazal Kaya clarified that there is nothing going on between her and catagay Ulusoy.hazal kaya
What's the real relationship of Ahmet Kural and Hazal Kaya?ahmet kural hazal kaya
Fans were disappointed in the actress when they saw a photo of Hazal Kaya smoking on the set of her series, "ASK".hazal kaya
The series ask will soon come to an end.asli tandogan hakan kurtas hazal kaya kaan urgancioglu nebahat cehre
Kerem is torn between his mother and his love. Will he choose his mom or will he listen to Azra? Let's watch the upcoming episode of "Ask".hakan kurtas hazal kaya
The much-awaited kissing scene of Hazal Kaya and Hakan Kurtas will be seen tomorrow on our TV screen.hakan kurtas hazal kaya
Hazal Kaya had an interview in a fashion magazine, there; she talked about her health and her single life.hazal kaya
After shooting her scenes for her latest series, she didn't anticipate that her friends prepared a surprise birthday party for her at the backstage.hazal kaya